Saturday, August 28, 2010

Arriving in Scotland


I’ve finally made it back to Scotland! After three flights and 16+ hours of traveling I have made it to the Seamill Base. Right away I was welcomed with a big sign, biscuits (cookies) , and a friend jumping up and down, completely excited to pick me up from the airport. How wonderful it’s going to be calling this beautiful place my home for the next year! On the drive home I was greeted with the rolling vibrant green hills, grazing cows and sheep, twisting tiny roads, raindrops followed by bright sunlight, and finally the steep drive up to the base. I was assigned a room in the girls staff wing with a view that over looks the ocean and the Isle of Arran. I can’t wait for the spectacular sunsets I’m going to have the priviledge to see! I woke up early this morning, pulling back my curtains to find a perfect rainbow and a light down poor of rain. What a way to start off the day!

This is a quite weekend, only 5 other individuals in the base beside me. Everyone’s on Holiday and visiting their families. Work for me starts on Monday! That’s when I will find out my duties here on base and get acquainted with everything. The information I’ve been given so far is: about 20 students are signed up to come onto the October DTS school that I will be working on and about 7 staff members? This week our Seamill base will be the host of the annual YWAM Scotland staff meeting, so the whole castle will be filled up with new faces and returning friends. I’m so excited to hear what God has been doing in my friends lives these past four months and catch up on where they are now. I’m finally going to be “in the know”. At the end of the month the whole Seamill base will be traveling down to England for a 50 year YWAM celebration. Hundreds will gather from all around the world to reunite after years of separation, share their lives, and encourage one another with their ministry. It will be a time for teachings from Loren Cunningham (ywam founder) and fellowship between YWAMer’s from every kind of culture.

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on where I am and how things are starting off. At the end of each month I will write an update on what God is doing all around me and in me.

As always, could you keep me in prayer as I am on this journey with the Lord to walk in obedience to the calling He has put on my life. Thank you guys! Miss you!

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  1. Oh Katie it sounds great! I bet I can guess who the person jumping up and down was at the airport...hehe! Can't wait to join you there! Talk to you soon. Blessings and keeping you in prayer!