Sunday, November 14, 2010

Belated October!

I'm so sorry you guys (for those of you that regularly follow me)for this late update! My last 3 weeks have been crazy, and writing a new blog update wasn't exactly on the top of my to do list to be honest. I'll first update you on my last two weeks to explain why this blog post is coming to you so late:

A little over two weeks ago I found out my Grandmothers health was in very poor condition. She had had a stroke and from that had gone completely blind and lost her short term memory. There was also a serious threat of a blood clot on her leg with the possibility of it always moving to her brain, doing who knows what damage? I had a decision to make: to stay here in Scotland and pray for her well being, or to go home and see my Grandma while I still could. My decision was made in 24 hours... I was going home. I actually really struggled with making this decision believe it or not. I didn't want to move without God telling me to. I want to place Him at the for front of all my decisions, especially this one. I really thought He was going to tell me to stay here in Scotland and just pray. I was REALLY surprised when His answer was GO! On a Monday I decided to leave Scotland and by Thursday morning I was on a plane.

Man, those international flights are terrible! The planes are fine, but the no sleep and German tourist are horrible! :) My cousin Carly was gracious enough to pick me up from the airport and drive me the hour to the hospital. My Grandmas condition was terrible. She was in chronic pain, and couldn't see a thing. I think by the time I got home she had a little more concept on who was in the room with her (before hand she would ask every 5 minutes for someone to turn on the light, and you would have to remind her who was sitting with her). My family (+extended) had been sitting with her every day doing rotations, making sure she wasn't alone. Eventually she was transferred to a rehabilitation center, where she could have 24 hour care. My whole travels home was to stay with my family and support them in this time and to visit with my Grandmother regularly. On my visits to the rehab center there were a few occasions that I would get to sit and pray over her. An amazing memory I will cherish! Each time prayer was offered she would willing accept it! After a few days of being home my Grandmas vision started to improve! She could start to tell when she was looking out of a window because the sunlight would be shining and she could tell the difference between the light contrast! By the end of my visit home her memory was improving little by little and she could see your outline if you would stand still in front of her. This was amazing! We weren't even sure if she would ever be able to see again, and here she was able to point you out or point out a color that you were holding close to her face! My whole base in Scotland here was praying for her, as were family and friends at home. I really did see the power of prayer coming though in her life! Please continue to pray. Her condition is still pretty bad, and I need people to sow in prayers of faith that she she see a full healing in her body.

It was nice being home and relaxing with my family, catching up with uncles, aunts, and cousins, and getting precious time to spend with my Corey. (He'll probably be embarrassed that I said that) :) ha! There was a crazy heat wave of 99 there (37 Celsius for those of you in Europe)! Eww, I'm not heat friendly. But the sunsets were absolutely breath taking!

In Scotland a new Discipleship school has once again started. There are 19 trainees and 8 staff from all around the world. I am in the process of mentoring two girls during there time here, one from Canada, another from Sweden. My times with them have been great. Not only do I get to see the growth that they are going through and how God is changing them weekly, but He has placed me into these women's lives to impart the small amount of wisdom that I have! I myself continue to learn every time I speak with these young women. Discipleship has been a wonderful outlet for me. I really enjoy leading young people and being able to give them some direction for their own lives. This is a thing I would love to explore more of. ( Discipleship is kind of like counseling in a world when you are not using "Christian" terms). I know I like to talk, but in the last year I have really discovered about myself that I enjoy listening. I enjoy just being with people and sharing their daily lives with them. In the Bible it is called being "Pastoral". I'm here in Scotland to learn more of the Pastoral side about myself, and what does this mean for my life?

I'm going to cut it short here, just because my next update will be at the end of November. I will then tell you all that has be going on here, and what the next season holds for me!

Oh yes, I forgot to say I was at home for 2 weeks, that is why this post was late. I just arrived back into Scotland about 3 days ago, still jet lagged and a bit sick.

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